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Water Quality Tester

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Tester

water quality testerHand held instrument for the measurement of six different water quality parameters; pH, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Turbidity.
All of the six sensors are enclosed inside one probe which can be directly submersed in a river well or, other water source with no sample collecting required.

  • Simultaneously measures pH, Conductivity Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Turbidity
  • Automatic temperature compensation for pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen
  • Internal memory for storage of up to 20 samples with recall display and printout functions
  • Expanded display function allows an increase in resolution by one decimal place when more precise measurements are required
  • One touch, push button automatic calibration, alternatively, manual two point calibration can be carried out if required
  • Rugged construction with water resistant housing
  • Data back-up function
  • LCD display
  • Battery powered (1 X 9V), approximate battery life 750 hours
  • Automatic power off
Multi-Parameter Water Quality Tester Specifications:
Range Accuracy Resolution
pH 0 to 14pH ±0.05pH 0.1/0.01pH
Conductivity 0 to 1mS/cm
1 to 10mS/cm
10 to 100mS/cm
±1% full scale 0.01/0.001mS/cm
Salinity 0 to 4% ±0.1% 0.1/0.01%
DO (ppm) 0 to 19.9mg/L ±0.1mg/L 0.1/0.01mg/L
Temperature 0 to 50°C ±0.3°C 1/0.1°C
Turbidity 0 to 800 NTU ±3% full Scale 10/1 NTU

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor

water quality monitorHand held multi-probe system. Rugged and reliable, the instrument combines the versatility of an easy to use, easy to read hand-held unit with all the functionality of a multi-parameter system.
Supplied with soft-sided carrying case and 4m cable for DO/Temp/Conductivity measurements and additional pH/ORP Probe.

  • Simultaneously measures Dissolved Oxygen, pH, conductivity, salinity, TDS, temperature and ORP
  • Memory for 49,000 data sets, time and date stamped, interval or manual logging
  • Field-replaceable electrodes
  • Compatible with Windows data analysis software
  • GLP assisting, records calibration data in memory
  • Available with 4 and 10m cable lengths
  • IP-67, impact resistant, waterproof case
  • Easy to use, screw on cap DO membranes
  • RS-232 Interface for PC connection
  • Battery powered by 4 ‘C’ Alkaline batteries or optional rechargeable battery pack
  • Hand-strap which can be connected on either the right or left side of the instrument
Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitor Specifications:
Range Accuracy Resolution
Dissolved oxygen
(% Air Saturation)
0-500% 0-200%, ±2% of reading or
±2% air saturation whichever
is greater;
200-500%, ±6% of reading
Dissolved Oxygen
0-50mg/L 0 to 20mg/L, ±2% of reading
or ±0.2mg/L whichever is
20 to 50mg/L, ±6% of reading
Temperature -5 to 45ºC ±0.15ºC 0.1ºC
Conductivity 0 to 200mS/cm ±0.5% of reading or
±0.001mS/cm; whichever is
greater (4m cable)
0.001 – 0.1mS/cm
(range dependent)
Salinity 0-70 ppt ±1.0% of reading or ±0.1 ppt
whichever is greater
0.01 ppt
pH 0-14 pH units ±0.2 pH units 0.01 pH units
ORP -999 to +999mV ±20mV 0.1mV
TDS 0-100g/L N/A 4 digits