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Potaflex Overview
The Potaflex® portable microbiological laboratory has been designed in conjunction with ICRC and is an ideal resource for testing microbiological parameters in the field. The unique Flexi Rack System provides the user with a wide range of media options to suit their preferences and ensures the maximum amount of tests can be performed at any one time.

Its Features are:

  • Fully portable – specially designed for field use
  • Extremely versatile – can test for a variety of bacteria, including: Pseudomonas, Faecal Streptococci, Coliforms. (Faecal and Total Coliforms)
  • Flexi media options – wide range of pre-prepared dip  slides and nutri disks can be tested
  • Meets WHO & EU guidelines
  • Pre-prepared dip slides are simply dipped into the water sample, inserted into the unit and then placed into the incubator

Potaflex Specifications
The Flexi Rack System (FRS)
This is a unique device that allows the analysis of different microbiological parameters using different methods and materials simply choose between re-usable aluminium petri dishes, pre-prepared nutri disks, pre-prepared dip slides or a combination of each. The unit can accommodate either 20 disposable nutri disks, up to 40 re-usable aluminium petri dishes or up to 10 dip slides.

Membrane Filtration System
A membrane filtration unit is supplied as standard with the Potaflex® System. Easily sterilised and consists of:

  • A collection flask
  • Sample cup
  • Bronze disk
  • Gaskets & O rings
  • Land line
  • Pistol grip vacuum pump

Potaflex® Incubator System
The incubator unit is located within a sturdy carrying case and has a temperature range of +20°C to 50°C. Typically temperatures are set at 37°C for total coliforms and 44°C for faecal coliforms and faecal streptococci. However the flexible range can be set at other temperatures such as 42°C for pseudomonas.