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Potalab Overview

leftPortable testing laboratory designed to assess the suitability of drinking water on-site, even in remote areas.

The Potalab® is a portable microbiological and physico-chemical water quality testing laboratory. It provides bacteriological testing using the accepted method of membrane filtration and incubation of faecal and total coliforms as an indicator of the presence of other harmful bacteria and viruses. The physico-chemical instruments are used in combination to quickly examine a supply to determine if a more detailed microbiological examination is required. All equipment is easily packed within the aluminium case for complete portability.

  • For combined microbiological, physico-chemical testing in the lab or field
  • Wide range of physico-chemical parameters can be measured using highly accurate digital instruments
  • More cost effective than central laboratory testing
  • Simple technique – dual incubator allows analysis of both faecal & total coliforms simultaneously
  • Results incubated in just 14 hours
  • Completely portable – even runs off solar power
  • Uses low cost, long-life consumables, and equipment is easily sterilised in the field
  • Supplied with reagents for Ammonia, Arsenic, Chlorine, Fluorides, Nitrites and Nitrates as standard. Other parameters available on request
  • Conforms to WHO Guidelines

Potalab Components
Twin incubator with digital temperature display and automatic timer facility. 50 re-usable aluminium petri dishes. (inc: petri dish rack). Electrical leads for AC110/220V operation, DC operation via vehicle cigarette lighter and crocodile leads along with separate re-chargeable battery (external to incubator, but internal to carrying case). Membrane filtration unit including collection flask, sampling cup, land line plus bronze disk, gaskets, O-rings, and pistol grip vacuum pump. 200 pads and membranes with pad dispenser, 38.1g membrane lauryl sulphate broth for 200 tests, 5 unique media measuring devices (mmd) for measuring precise amounts of lauryl sulphate broth (i.e, 10 tests only). Tweezers, 5 dropping pipettes, 4 autoclavable plastic bottles, hand lens, lighter, pen, clippers, screwdriver and a tube of lubrication grease. Conductivity/TDS Meter, pH/Temp/mV meter and a digital turbidity meter. Wagtech photometer with reagents for chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and fluorides. Wagtech Digital Arsenator inc: filters, tablets and filter holders, sufficient for 200 Arsenic tests.
Potalab Specification
Bacteriological Testing:
The bacteriological filtration unit is supplied with a pistol grip vacuum pump, sampling cup and line, alongside 200 pads, gridded membranes and 38.1g membrane lauryl sulphate broth.
Digital Dual Incubator:
Microbiological testing is carried out using twin incubators for simultaneous incubation of Faecal and Total Coliforms if required. The temperature is digitally controlled and preset to 37°C and 44°C with an accuracy of ±0.1°C.

  • Holds 2 racks of 25 petri-dishes allowing for up to 50 test’s at any one time
  • Features digital automatic timer facility for logging the incubation period in case of power failure
  • Fully portable can be powered by mains, internal battery, vehicle battery (cigarette lighter lead supplied) or even solar power

Physico-Chemical Testing:
The following instruments are supplied as standard in the Potalab® 1 to enable the measurement of specific parameters for this analysis: Turbidity Meter | pH/temp/mV Meter | Conductivity/TDS Meter | Digital Arsenator | Photometer 7100

Temperature Range, °C 20 to 50 with preset levels at 37 or 44, automatic timer
Display Clear digital LCD, 0.1°C resolution
Capacity 2X25 aluminium dishes, 2X8 plastic/glass dishes
Accuracy, °C ±0.1
Mains Power (AC) 220-240V, 50Hz, 110V, 60Hz
Battery Power (DC) Integral 12V re-chargeable battery through lead with crocodile
clips and vehicle cigarette lighter socket plug
Dimensions, mm 200 x 180 x 220
Weight, Kg 6